Monday, April 2, 2007


I'm seriously annoyed with myself- yet again.

Tonight I made it pretty far- busted out in 186th place out of about 2,000 players- and I had a good-sized chip stack at one point (within the top 10%).

Then I made two crucial mistakes.

First, I began to play too loosely. I figured I had chips to spare, so I could go after chips. It's worked before. However, my second mistake screwed up this strategy.

I played too timidly. I called when I should have raised. Folded when I should have raised. Consequently, I essentially was bullied around by smaller chip stacks.

To make it worse, I played tight enough so that if I did lead the betting, the other players tended to fold right away. Unfortunately, I didn't take the opportunity to bluff at too many pots.

It's about knowing my worth. I have to know my worth and be willing to ask- no, demand- that I be respected accordingly.

If I don't learn to appreciate my own worth, I'm just going to continue losing.

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