Thursday, March 1, 2007

Will The Meek Really Inherit the Earth?

Nope. That's the latest lesson I've learned from poker: meekness, or passive play, doesn't get you shit.

Well, perhaps that's stating it a little too strongly. Passive play can help you stay alive in tournaments, but you certainly won't win.

Last night, I managed to oulast about two-thirds of the players in the Be a Pro tournament. I played more hands with potential but did a better job of folding the hand if I didn't hit the flop or the turn.

Unfortunately, I had so few chips left (I was well below the average chip stack), that I couldn't make any moves. As soon as I did, I busted out.

And as luck would have it, today I caught the latest episode of "Learn Poker from the Pros" on the FSN (Fox Sports Network) channel. Today's episode was about aggression- specifically, the importance of playing aggressively (although not too aggressively).

So tonight I decided to play more aggressively by betting more. Although I'd loosened my play to play more hands, I was doing a lot of calling or raising the minimum amount. Tonight I bet the pot or at least more than the minimum amount.

It worked- to a certain degree. I managed to outlast about two-thirds of the field tonight. More importantly, I stayed above the average chip stack until I busted out.

My problem tonight was not paying close enough attention to the community cards to realize that, although I had strong hands, I didn't have the nuts, so it wasn't worth risking most of my chips.

Despite this, I feel encouraged. My game is improving!

It made me think of a Marianne Williamson quote: "Your playing small doesn't serve the world."

Meekness hasn't gotten me shit- not in poker or my life, for that matter. Everything I've wanted, I had to go get it.

Funny that a card game clarified that lesson for me.

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