Saturday, March 3, 2007

Keep on Keepin' On

I had my best showing yet in the Be a Pro tournament, placing 31st. Obviously, that's not the goal, since only the top 5 finishers go to the final tournament, but it's a major improvement for me.

At times I was within the top 5 chip holders within the tournament. So what happened?

Those damn flush draws are what happened. Two or three times, someone outdrew me on a flush draw.

This happened for two reasons. One, I wasn't paying close enough attention to the board to notice that there was a flush draw. Big mistake.

Second, I didn't bet as aggressively as I could have. Or rather, I didn't bet aggressively at the right times.

So I need to work on studying the board more closely (I'm playing no-limit hold'em) and considering other players' hands more carefully.

I also need to work on my betting strategies.

I consider it a good thing that at least I can recognize where I need to improve- and no, I do not think that's delusional thinking on my part.

Twice I was so low on chips that I thought it was over, but I managed to come back. I did it by going all-in when I had the nuts or very good hands.

I also learned to play more hands than is recommended in poker books. I think the books are really geared towards cash game play, not tournament play, where the action is forced with rising blinds and then antes. Also, the very loose nature of many of the players means that tighter play enables me to survive but without enough chips to do anything.

So I'm learning.

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