Sunday, March 11, 2007

Cracked Kings

Ouch. Ooomph. [Insert sound of excruciating pain of your choice.]

Tonight's loss hurt.

I placed 89th (out of about 1800 competitors), which is a high showing for me. Not my best (that would be 31st), but very good.

For most of the tournament, I managed to stay well above the chip stack, so that's also good.

Even though this wasn't the highest finish I've had, I think I played my best tonight. I was aggressive (although still not aggressive enough), which kept my chip stack healthy. Most players respected my raises, and when they didn't, they paid for it.

I mucked draws that didn't improve before risking a lot of chips.

I went out on a pair of kings. What cracked my kings? A queen-high straight.

Yep, that's right.

No overcards on the flop or turn. Given my opponent's betting pattern, I didn't think s/he had Aces.

I didn't stop to investigate the community cards well enough to see that a straight was possible. Instead, I went all-in and busted out.

Earlier in the evening I didn't get nearly as many chips as I should have because I missed that I had made a Jack-high flush. I wouldn't have bet a lot on it, but I'd have bet something (rather than just checking).

Nevertheless, I'm heartened that my play is improving overall.

I still need to work on reading the board more closely and betting even more aggressively.

Another thing I just realized is that I kept my ego out of it- I didn't stay in a pot to avoid being "pushed around" or anything like that.

I guess the pain isn't so bad after all.

Yeah, right.

Who the hell gets busted with a pair of kings?!?!

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