Thursday, March 15, 2007

Cautious Aggression

I can't take credit for the term "cautious aggression;" I read it in Daniel Negreanu's book, "Hold'em Wisdom for All Players."

It's what I'm trying to learn.

I'm pissed with myself something fierce tonight because I busted out early in two tournaments earlier this evening. In the first tournament, I went from being within the top 20 (out of about 1500 players) to busing out within the first 40 minutes. In the second tournament, I busted out in under 10 minutes.

What pisses me off is that I went all-in when I knew I didn't have the nuts (in the second tournament). I had a flush and straight draw. I knew, looking at the board, that it was possible the other two players still in the hand had already made their straights. I bet anyway and didn't get either a straight or the flush I needed.

Stupid, dumb, idiotic playing!

(In the first tournament, my full house lost to four of a kind. Talk about a bad beat.)

See, I'm trying to be more aggressive. I'm pretty sure that, on at least a couple of occasions earlier this week, I allowed myself to be reraised out of pots. At those times I lost enough chips to render myself ineffective without going all-in because other players had much larger stacks.

I'm also encountering the problem of not getting good hands paid off because other players would fold as soon as I started betting.

So, I'm trying to learn balance, and I'm pissed with myself that I'm not learning it faster.

I'm also trying to learn how to stand up to megalomaniac, bullying players (you know, the ones who go all-in with a K-5 off-suit).

In real life, I'd also say I need to learn how to take a stand and hold my ground.

This sucks.

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