Sunday, February 18, 2007

I'm a Wuss

I admit it. I'm a wuss. In my defense, I know that I am capable of being strong- I've experienced plenty- but I can also be a wuss. Look at the title of this blog; obviously I have no shame.

That's why I haven't blogged in the past few days. Oh, I've continued to play in the Be a Pro freeroll tournament at, but my play has been horrendous.

It's been so bad, I've been too embarrassed to even blog about it.

On Thursday night, I busted out in 1026th place- out of approximately 2,000 players.

On Friday, I topped that by busting out in 1729th place.

Today, I played in two tournaments. In the first one, I busted out early. I don't even know what place I was in- probably somewhere in the neighborhood of 800-900.

For the second one, I finally decided to hell with it and played aggressively. Early in the tournament, I managed to get up to 2nd place. And I kept my high spot for a while. My strategy was to get ahead, then tighten up. Yet as the average chip count rose (and mine remained the same), I started to play more aggressively.

I don't think playing more aggressively was a mistake. My mistake was an old one; I didn't get away from promising drawing hands when I missed the flop. Instead I tried to bluff the other players out of the pot by raising.

This is recommended in every poker book I've read, and I suspect it works well in cash games. I did bluff a couple of people off of pots by making a raise that would force them to go all-in if they called.

However, many players just aren't bluffable.

So I either raised and lost or folded on the river, when I already had a lot invested in the pot.

Wuss, wuss, wuss.

In the second tournament, I busted out in 400ish place (I can't remember the exact number). On the upside, I learned that aggressive play will serve me well. I just have to fold hands when I miss the flop. And I really am learning how to "read" players, at least as well as you can on the internet. I'm especially noticing betting patterns.

So, despite being a wuss, I'm going to soldier on. I'll be playing tomorrow night (or really, later on tonight).

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