Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Big Wins, Big Losses

The title above pretty accurately describes my performance in UltimateBet's Be a Pro freeroll tournament tonight.

My strategy was to play much looser, since most of the players are playing loosely and winning a lot of chips while I stay stagnant by playing tigher (fewer hands, and hands that are more likely to win). The blinds rise too fast to wait patiently for decent hands (or is that just my impatience getting the better of me)?

At first I froze as three players went all-in on the first hand. Two busted out; one tripled his/her chips and immediately began to dominate the table.

I played a fairly poor hand (2-3 suited, I think). I got a lot of action and ended up winning with a 2 on the river to give me a full house. Who would've thought?

I won a few more hands like that, but of course, my luck turned. I stayed in pots that I should've gotten out of and ended up suffering some bad losses.

My table was broken up, and at my new table, I was the short stack. Despite this, I took charge and was quickly getting the bigger stacks to fold to me. I won 4 or 5 hands in a row, including once when I made a royal flush! Although I was still below average in terms of my stack size, I was catching up.

Then again I repeated the same mistake- staying in pots that I should've gotten away from. And I busted out in 539th place.

Yet I noticed a few things. One: I began to notice how other people were betting. It got to the point where I could take a good guess at what they were holding. Second: aggressive play definitely gets you farther, especially since the blinds rise every 12 minutes. It's just a matter of tempering that aggression- and I think the key to that is to start "reading" players (as well as you can on the internet).

So, although I busted out much earlier this evening, I still think I'm improving. How's that for spin?

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